Artist statement

I believe that a diligent, exactly designed pot can bring mindfulness to the user’s life, that a ruffled mug lip that fits perfectly can bring attention and gratitude for a fantastic cup of tea, and then that mug can become a favored object and long lived friend in a person's life.

My forms are inspired by their function and intended life within a person’s home. I lovingly, meditatively and diligently explore volume and surface texture to create pieces that invite others to touch and hold each piece with their full hand. Each curve, lip and edge is something to be cherished. My colorways are intended to be glancing, impressionistic, watercolor versions of nature and places in Minnesota- for example, the lake near a cabin in Tower, flowers in my garden or tree leaves right on the edge of summer and fall.

My intention in using my techniques is to create a piece that appears grown instead of made. I wonder if pieces are alive, contain memories and stories of where, when and who created and then used the object- creating a legacy of remembrances as they are handled, used and passed on to someone new.

My work is created with cone 6, electric fired porcelain. I use coil and slab building techniques combined with pinching to leave behind organic texture. Depending on the shape of the piece, I'll begin with a pinch or slab form- sometimes using a self-created mold to create a foot. Then I add a very thick coil and pinch to create height, volume, shape and texture. When the form is complete and if the design calls for it, then I add hand formed handles, details or petals to accentuate the organic form.

Three times throughout the process I sand the bottoms of my pieces to create the smoothest texture possible. My main goal is to create beautiful art objects for functional use in the home. Each piece has 4-6 different glaze colors applied in layers using different brushes and applicators. The variations and layers of glaze are designed to enhance the impression of dappled light and captured moments from around my home and life.